Will The Forex MegaDroid Robot Really Quadruple Your Money?

Do you want to make a living trading the FOREX markets?

Well, I am well on my way to doing just that!

My name is Mike Weaver, here’s what happened to me - a few months ago I was, after over a year of trying, still unable to make any real money trading forex. I was desperate to get out of the 9-5 work trap I had grown to hate, and find some financial freedom and stability.

I had never even heard of the Forex Megadroid robot at this point, and was frustrated at not getting consistent winning trades from trading myself. I tried tons of different systems that gave me various trading indicators and so on, but they either didn’t work for me or I missed out on the winning trades because I wasn’t staring at my computer screen at the vital moment.

My biggest problem was that I was in a catch 22 situation: in order to make a full time income from trading forex I needed to devote full time hours to it, but I couldn’t afford to give up my day job and free up those hours until I already had this full time income from forex rolling in!

Does this sound familiar?

It wasn’t that every trading system I tried didn’t work, they just didn’t work for me. Because I could only squeeze in a couple of hours trading a day at best, and sometimes there where no trades that met the right criteria that came in that time, I found myself jumping on trades that I just hoped would come in out of desperation to make some profit.

And guess what? I lost money hand over fist!

I saw my trading account balance dwindle to dangerously low levels. And do you know what happens then, every time you take a trade? The fear sets in!

Because I was so scared of seeing a big fat zero in my account balance, scared of failure, and scared of having to admit to failure to all the people around me who said I would end up losing my money, I let fear become my worst enemy.

Every time I took a valid trade the system I was using gave me, I panicked. So scared was I of seeing the trade turn into a loser, I pulled it at the first sign of profit. I was closing my positions for a mere 2-3 pips, then seeing them go on to over 50 pips!

I was down to just a few hundred bucks in my trading account when a friend told me about The Forex Megadroid Robot, it had only been launched about 6 months prior and was apparently getting rave reviews.

I looked into it a little more, and discovered that The Forex Megadroid Robot is actually an automated forex trading robot. You plug it into your trading account and it does all the trading for you.

I must admit, I was very sceptical when I found this out. Letting some computer program loose on what was left of my trading account seemed like madness. A guaranteed way to find myself checking my balance and seeing that big fat zero I was so afraid of!

Then I started to think about it differently, and about why I hadn’t made money trading manually. My 2 biggest problems were time and discipline. This automated approach to trading would address both those problems. The Forex Megadroid robot would be able to trade when I was stuck at work or sleeping, and it wouldn’t panic or give in to fear.

The more I thought about it the more it made sense, and I had something of an epiphany. All these trading systems I had tried, they require you to do 1 thing to make them work:

You need to become a robot!

You have to follow their indicators and take trades without fear of losing, and ignore everything else. You have to become an emotionless disciplined machine.

The problem was that I was too human!

Yeah, we’re not perfect unfortunately. So, with my human fears and emotions having failed, I decided to give the automation a try. Luckily the Forex Megadroid robot was still on the discount launch price of $97, so I decided it was worth it for 1 last shot at making forex work for me. The robot would follow the rules, and not let fear and emotion get in the way of ruthless trading for maximum profit.

I went ahead and plugged the Forex Megadroid Robot into my trading account, which was actually much easier to do than it sounds (took a few minutes with the installation manual they give you).

The robot actually has mulitple risk/profitability settings ranging from 1 to 7, and I was a little unsure as to what setting I should use at first. But, after an email to customer support and a quick reply I was ready give it a go on setting 1 (this is the more conservative and less risky setting, and 7 is the higher risk and more agressive option).

I decided to prepare myself for the worst, and I had all but accepted I was a forex failure anyway, and check on my account the next day. I thought I would either see a big fat zero, or discover I had found the Holy Grail of trading in the Forex Megadroid robot and could tell my boss where to stick it!

I was wrong, but still fairly excited by what I saw. The robot had taken my measly $200 and turned it into just under $300 over about half a dozen trades. I left it running for the next few days, and it consistently made up to 50% profit every day.

You can imagine the relief I felt when, after a few months, I’ve been able to build up the balance in my trading account to more than what I started with before my major losses. I haven’t quit my day job yet, but I'm seriously thinking that the time has come to do that. I will try out the robot on a more aggressive setting for about a month I think, and if all goes well I will cut myself free!

So, if you are like me and lack the discipline and time to get forex trading to work for you, I highly recommend giving the Forex Megadroid Robot a go. Just try it out with a trading balance of a few hundred like I did to start with.

You can even test it on a demo account to see if it works before you risk a single dollar (something I didn't realise till after I had used it on my real account), and you also get a 60 day money back guarantee, making it absolutely 100% risk free!

For me, there is no looking back now. No more fear of losing everything in my trading account, and no more missing most of the trading day because of work. And certainly no more fear of looking like a failure, who ploughed all his money into a hopeless cause. Some of those who doubted me have already started asking how I have been able to make a consistent profit out of forex now!

Anyway, that’s my forex story to date, thanks for taking the time to read this (long) post!

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Should You Buy Forex Megadroid, Or Is It A Waste Of Money?

Asking yourself whether you should buy Forex Megadroid, or any other EA such as Fap Turbo for that matter, is something many new traders experience. Learning how to trade the Forex market is difficult, and most people unfortunately end up losing a great deal of money in the process. Using an EA, which is short for Expert Advisor, seems like a good way to make money from trading without needing an in depth knowledge of the business.

For anyone not familiar with Expert Advisor’s, they are basically computer programs that are able to identify and place trades on the Forex market. They usually incorporate artificial intelligence when they make calculations and predictions of likely movements between a currency pairing. They also analyse historical data in order to help identify common market trends, and they use this to predict when it is a good time to open and close a trade. These EA's are sophisticated enough to run on auto pilot, and by 'plugging' them into your trading account they can place trades for you while you are away.

This all sounds great in theory, but if you were to buy Forex Megadroid today, would it really start to make money for you right from the start? Well, to begin with it is important that you are careful with any type of automated trading system, especially considering you are going to be putting your trading account on the line. For this reason, it is highly advisable that you test the program on a dummy account. Most brokers will allow you to have such an account, and many traders use them to test out new trading strategies of their own. This gives you the opportunity to test how effective Forex Megadroid is before you risk any money.

Once you buy Forex Megadroid and have finished testing, you will probably be ready to let it loose on your real trading account. It is still often best to take things slowly though. Whilst testing the software out on your dummy account you will have noticed there are several settings you can choose. These effect how aggressively the EA trades, which basically means how high risk a trade it will identify as a viable one to place. You should start off with a low risk setting to begin with, and you can gradually increase it when you get more comfortable with letting the software handle your trading.

Automating your Forex trading may not be to everyone’s tastes, but for the novice trader it can be a good way of learning the business whilst making a bit of money at the same time. Seeing Forex Megadroid put profit into your trading account can be very therapeutic too, and is often enough to convince most people that making money from Forex trading is possible. So, if you do buy Forex Megadroid, you can be sure you will at least have some success at trading.

Automated Forex Trading

Automated Forex trading systems are actually trading robots that work in conjunction with your currency trading account in the money market. These robots are automated systems that trade and manage accounts, with the ability to incorporate other areas of trading too. There are different types of robots available for you to use, from free applications to those that cost hundreds of dollars. The type you use depends on what specific tasks you want to automate.

Trading robots are commonly called expert advisers. They are programmed with predefined rules for entering and exiting (buying and selling) trading positions on the Forex market. You'll need to do a little research before you choose the robot you want to use. These automated Forex trading systems can be set to monitor and trade any currency pairing in the market you want to trade.

Trading robots are run on your own computer system, so you can monitor the trading activities. A stable and reliable internet connection is required, since they can be left to operate 24 hours a day and trade on any market you program them to. The main advantage of using automated Forex trading systems is that they take your own thought process out of the picture. That means your emotions won't become involved. They work the numbers so you make a greater profit in your trading.

Automated Forex trading systems can be set to perform in whatever market conditions you want for greater results. They can boost your profits to over 100% from what you make now. Plus, you can set them up with whatever conditions you want before a trade is placed. If you're new to Forex trading you might want to set your expert adviser to a conservative trading setting at first, then change the settings as you become more familiar with the automated trading system.

You can set your automated Forex trading robot to perform automatic trading, account management, monitor trade signals, or self directed trading. You can incorporate all kinds of trading techniques with many of these robots, depending on which one you choose to use. When trading in the money market it's easy to let your emotions take control rather than your logic. When that happens you may lose the shirt off your back, so to speak. Trading robots take the emotion out and only use logic or predefined settings to do the trading for you.

They also free up your time so you can do more research on the market you want to trade. While the automated Forex trading system is running, you can either use the extra time to research new markets or sit in the sun getting a tan while still making money in Forex trading. You don't miss any trading when you use an automated trading system. It will run as often as you set it to run. When successful, it can be like making a passive profit while you get on with the rest of your daily life. You can buy and sell to your hearts content and still have time for friends and family.  

Forex Trading Robot

If you want to be one of the big traders in Forex, a trading robot can help give a boost to your trading. A Forex trading robot can be the difference between success and failure. They have made a big difference in Forex trading for many people.

A trading robot is an automated system that runs on your computer system to monitor, buy and sell on the money market. Forex is a difficult business to learn without losing money in the process. A trading robot makes it easy to make money and not be tied to your computer. Back in the olden days, even before computers, traders had to watch the market at the office or through a ticker tape. Today with modern technology you can do all the investing you want while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

A Forex trading robot can make it seem simple to make money in the foreign exchange market. All you have to do is set it up and start trading, although it does take a little more than that to make money trading currency. You'll have to learn the system before it can do everything you want it to do. Robots can monitor your trading, take care of your portfolio, and buy and sell currency transactions.

There are Forex trading robot free downloads available sometimes, so you can test them out to see if they will work for you. You will have to test a few of them before you find the one you like. Some are more complicated than others and have many abilities. Each one does a similar job, which is monitoring trading, but some of them have the ability to carry out trading automatically too. Setting them up can be a little difficult for those who don't understand how much the robot can do. Others are easy to set up but the main advantage is they do the trading and monitoring for you.

You'll have to learn how to read the graphs and understand how to set them up if you’re going to make a profit, and if you set them up wrong then it can cost you a lot of money. Sitting at your computer 24 hours a day is a bit much when trading on Forex, so  using a Forex trading robot is the next best thing to monitor the market and make a profit.

A Forex trading robot can check all the markets in the world while you're sleeping and give you the report in the morning. They can also do the buying and selling as well and take care of your portfolio. Forex trading robots aren't for everyone but they sure do make it easier to make a profit when trading in the foreign exchange market.

Auto Forex Trading

If you've ever wanted to trade on the foreign exchange market then you need to look into auto Forex trading to make a lucrative profit. You can sit back and relax while doing your trading with an automated system. All you need is a program, Internet connection, and a little logic to make big profits with Forex trading.

Auto Forex trading systems are trading robots that live on your computer and do the trading for you. You set them up how you want to buy and sell and they do all the work. It leaves you with plenty of time do to other things and still make money trading. The main benefit is the way they handle the trading process without any intervention from you.

If you want to join the forces of the hot shots investors or the Forex traders plus save your time for other things then using an auto Forex trading program is for you. There are many traders who use them and have made a huge profit with them. Sometimes you'll hear stories of people who have lost everything while using a robot trading system. Those are the ones that find it hard to understand the graphs and how to set them up properly to continue to make a profit.

You do have to understand an auto Forex trading system. If not, you can lose a lot of money. It doesn’t take that much to learn one. You can always ask someone to help you learn to program the trading system to monitor your trading. There are free auto Forex trading program that are easy to learn and work fine to make you a profit. Of course, there are auto Forex trading systems that cost hundreds of dollars but they require you to install and understand how to set them up to use them properly. Some are more complicated than others. Free trading robots are often the best to use when first learning how to trade in the Forex market.

They can be set to run 24 hours a day to trade on any market in the world. An auto Forex trading system is like having a trader do the work for you. They don't get tired, they don't have to stop and eat or sleep, and they don't need any breaks unless, of course, your Internet connection goes down.

Using an auto Forex trading system takes the emotion out of trading. It uses logic to reduce the risk in trading. They have graphs in real time plus you can set the margins and parameters to suit your needs. An auto Forex trading system makes it much easier to make decisions when you can see a graph that show you what is happening in the market. Do a little research before you choose a robot system for your Forex trading and ask around for recommendations for a good auto Forex trading system.